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Impacto de las Nuevas Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación (TIC)

3er Congreso Argentino de Sexología y Educación Sexual de FESEA

3er Congreso Argentino de Sexología y Educación Sexual de FESEA (Federación Sexológica Argentina) 6tas Jornadas Nacionales de Sexología y Educación Sexual de ARESS (Asociación Rosarina de Educaci&oacu

Sesiones de conciliación

Identidad de Género

Principios de la Terapia Cognitiva I

Motivos frecuentes de infidelidad

Entre el placer y la adicción

Día Mundial de la Salud Sexual

Día Mundial de la Salud Sexual 4 de Septiembre  

Sexualidad Humana Enfoque psico bio social

Artíuculo sobre Sexualidad Humana, nociones básicas desde una mirada Psico Bio Social  

Programa Plan A - Cirugía Plástica Responsable

Programa Plan A (Canal 5 de Rosario)- Tema: Cirugía Plástica Responsable

Programa Versión Vanguardia - Disfunciones Sexuales Femeninas

Programa Versión Vanguardia Disfunciones Sexuales Femeninas

Programa Plan A - Salir del Closet

Programa Plan A (Canal 5 de Rosario)- Tema: Salir del Closet

Atención plena

Programa Versión Vanguardia - Sex Time

Programa Versión Vanguardia Tema: Sex Time y Relaciones Virtuales

Programa Versión Vanguardia - Los Osos

Programa Versión Vanguardia Tema: Diversidad Sexual - Los Osos

Entrevista FM Horizonte

Entrevista para el programa 'Un día de Gloria' en FM Horizonte 

Fantasías Sexuales

Funcionan como un estímulo muy potente. Su contenido puede evocar experiencias vivenciadas, o puede ser producto de la imaginación, sin límites. Compartirlas con la pareja, potencia la intimidad y la excitación durante e







"Sex can be according to how it is exercised to source of joy and vital fulfillment or a reason for suffering and degradation."
The first thing must be all attempts and all work of sex education, and in this lies the enormous responsibility of those We have accepted the role of community educators "

(*) Florencio Escardó (1978)

(1978). Social behavior of the adolescent. In R. Jaimes (Ed.) Human sexuality and personal relationships. New York: International Planned Parenthood Federation, Western Hemisphere Region.

Human sexuality integrates biological, social and individual components, which are expressed as behavioral and functional phenomena. The integration of these levels reflects the fact that the man, shares with the rest of the animals their sexuality, but differs from them by their eroticism.

Gérard Zwang defines Erotic Function as the conscious exercise of sexual pleasure. In this sense, the erotic function, as inherent to man's rationality or language, reveals the qualitative leap that exists between human sexuality and that of the rest of the sexed beings, as a result of a complex psycho-bio-social integration.

We can think of the sexual disorder as a functional or behavioral state that interferes with varying degrees, in the exercise of erotic function.

The predominant definition of what is a sexual disorder is based primarily on the subjective experience of discomfort in relation to some aspect of one's own sexual activity and / or sexual behaviors that causes discomfort to another person.

According to the DSM IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) and the ICD (International Classification of Diseases) we can establish that sexual behavior is normal when, however strange it seems to us, it is somatically or psychologically harmful to the individual or others.

Among sexual disorders, Sexual Dysfunctions, which are all alterations (essentially inhibitory) occurring in any of the phases of the sexual response, are usually the reason for consultation. We are in the presence of sexual dysfunction when a person feels unable to engage in a sexual relationship.

The etiology of sexual dysfunctions is multifactorial and should be evaluated in each particular case by a specialized professional (Clinical Sexologist) who is trained to contemplate the complex interaction of psychobiological variables, indicating interdisciplinary consultations with other specialists when necessary (urologist, Gynecologist, clinician , Etc.) to arrive at a diagnosis and propose the corresponding therapeutic strategies, which in most cases do not involve the administration of drugs or invasive treatments.

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